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Handicapped awareness month

Meg Casey
April 4 1983

April has been proclaimed Handicapped Awareness month in the city of Milford once again. It is hard to believe that an entire year has flown by us already between April of ’82 and April of ’83 but here we are.

The consciousness raising project was an idea of the Milford Independent Disabled Person Committee last year in an attempt to have people voluntarily take time out to consider, even for a minute, an aspect of life that they might very well find themselves someday trying to deal with. Everything planned went off with such success that Milford recently won national recognition for it.

Six of the delighted members of the M.I.D.P. flew down to Washington to attend an awards reception last week held in the Rayburn Building on Capitol Hill. The awards were given by the National Office on Disability.

Ecstatic and cheering all the while, Milford’s group collected two lovely plaques for over all achievement in the community and $3,500 which must be used to further the work of the committee in these areas. With that bright new feather in their cap, the M.I.D.P. has enthusiastically set off to make all of this year’s accomplishment even bigger and better. Such as:

The H.E.Y. Program (Help Educate Youth) all work on the premise that. "Curiosity is not wrong. Ignorance is." Without curiosity a person cannot learn and grow to expand horizons. The H.E.Y. group will help with the answers to questions that might otherwise never be asked either out of fear or lessons in good manners.

April 29 at 7 p.m. at Foran High School, a double header basketball game will feature two wheelchair basketball teams. It is an inspirational and educational event which should be experienced by children and grown-ups alike.

Hope to see you there!

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