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Meg Casey
April 27, 1983

Hello Readers,

We’ll close Handicapped Awareness Month in Milford on a positive note by spotlighting a couple of new local establishments that offer some of the finest in ACCESSIBLE dining and entertainment (and the bill won’t send a working man into cardiac arrest either!)

The new restaurant on the block that has had everyone talking is the Seafarer, on the Boston Post Road. There you can enjoy find parking spaces for the handicapped and doors easy to open. While relaxing over before dinner drinks at the bar, you may even find yourself taking a stroll to the bathroom facility that you can actually get IN to use (always having to check a place out before settling in for an evening of fun). When ready for your meal, you’ll find the service is good and the food is delicious.

Comfortable and roomy seating, an ice cold beer, a think deli sandwich, and a 99 cent movie! What's more, you won't be dreaming. You'll be at the Milford Pub and Cinema, near the Cherry Street Plaza.

The facilities of the new pub and cinema are fully accessible. Every door in the place is light touch for anyone. The ramping is good.

All of the latest films are shown and your you are able to enjoy the stylish pub while waiting to get in to see one of the movies. Here's a piece of good news to many visually impaired people.

The Grand Union, On Barnum Ave., Stratford, , is now using a checkout system that talks to you,. (No, I'm not talking about new, amiable cashiers.) It seems that with age of computers has come a wonderful "gizmo" that tells aloud the names of the products and prices as each one is rung up. This will be a great aid, I should think, in building confidence in many shoppers who might have trouble doing these things by themselves.

I'm just delighted to see steps being taken to acknowledge the desirability of disabled consumers patronage. Is about time someone realized that our money is green too.

So, come on out and let's paint the town red together!

These days, Meg would probably love the automatic door buttons and the accessibility features on computer such as dictating text and voice commands. A popular local traffic reporter that was blind left one radio station when they switched their computers away from the Apple computer that had the features he needed to perform his job.

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