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Interested or being nice

Meg Casey
May 25, 1983

Dear Meg,

How can I tell when I'm out with a person if they're honestly interested in me or just being nice? Am I interpreting their signals accurately or I or am I reading into them what I want to see?

Dear Reader,

The best advice I could give anyone in this situation whether they have a disability or not is to take it slowly. There's no blue-ribboned recipe for any love potion that I've heard of lately, so unless you are prepared to risk being burnt you have to take things easily and move along one step at a time.

Healthy, deep and meaningful relationships between people usually don't just happen, they are earned, be a friendship or a love affair. Many hours can be spent talking, laughing and learning about each other until you finally feel at some point that "at last" you know the one.

But even then, I’m afraid, there is no guarantee. Some people unfortunately brought to a very rude awakening to reality after having invested many comfortable years in a relationship with the person they love we define that they never really knew or understood that person at all.

I certainly don't mean to discourage you from going out there and trying your luck with the best of them, but that is exactly what it will be – A case of luck!

Simply use some caution when checking out the a prospect. In all fairness to the other person it is very possible to set yourself up for getting burnt. A person desperate for companionship is a prime target. You might as well have the word CANDIDATE stamped across your forehead – it can be that obvious at times.

Going out, dancing, dating … there're a lot of fun. There is a plenty of time to do them in, so take your time. Relax, enjoy the fishin’ in the style of a true freshman. Cast out your line and enjoy the surroundings while you wait. If you think you feel a nibble, give the line a little a teaser tug see. If something bites, then begin to reel it in slowly but steadily, playing with it as it comes. Always be careful not to get overeager and reel too quickly. Your line may not up for the fish may staff it. Then again, if you rock the boat enough, you may it in too quickly.

Any fisherman will tell you tails of the glorious fight in the ones that got away. Each one left them more eager to try again another day. The challenge makes it exciting!

If the person "is that good" they’ll be worth waiting for. … And if you're that "that good" of a fisherman they'll still be hanging on.

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