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Treating people that are different

Meg Casey
June 1, 1983

Ellen Telker is an attorney and is in the process of setting up her own law practice in Milford. She volunteers her time to the HEY program because she is also blind has been since birth. She delights in the show and tell of the many ways to do her thing." She and I had the privilege of speaking to a bunch of students in Fairfield.

Dear Ms. Casey,

We all enjoyed and were thrilled by the discussion you had with us. I've especially was delighted by your honesty and openness to all questions. Your courage and energy are an inspiration to all of us.

Before you left Holland Hill I wanted to do an interview for our school paper. Unfortunately, you had left. If you could answer these questions for me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Q. – How do you feel handicapped people should be treated?

A. – Like anyone else. Treat them how you like to be treated yourself.

Q. - When you were young how did children treat you?

A. – The wonderful thing about little kids is that they think "different things" about people, places and things. This makes them all the more desirable, terrifically exciting and fun! The boys fought over who would get my graham crackers for me in kindergarten and I was all the girl’s best friend. From then on we all grew up together. They accepted me as an equal as we went on each year to a higher grade. – As for children who were strangers. That was only a temporary condition. Everyone learned soon enough. I could be a pretty tough cookie. (… I also had six big Brothers.)

Q.– What is your philosophy for life?

A. – Well, if I have to pick one I suppose it would be a combination of a couple favorite expressions:

You are only as handicapped as you allow yourself to be;

The most important person to accept who and what you are is yourself;

Take a good look at yourself from outside and from the inside. Keep what you like, change that which you don't like that can be changed and deal with the rest;

There is a sun shining outside somewhere – go and find it!

Do you think you are a better person than most people?

A. – Yes.

Are you proud that you've lived this long?

A. – I'm not complaining.

Do you think you will live past 30?

A. – I certainly hope so.

You were great and I appreciate you for coming.
P.S. Can I have your autograph?

A. – Sure. I appreciate you too. Will you marry me?

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