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Clothes shopping for little people

Meg Casey
August 3, 1983

Dear Meg,

Watching you come in and out of the dining hall at meal time was won't the happenings Eric at family's table. We all waited to see what kind of else if you would be wearing that night. Where do you find style where do you find stylish clothing to fix you?

As my daughter grows up, it becomes increasingly difficult to find things which aren't too babyish, decorated with ducks or choo-choo trains. Being so very tiny the selection of of sophisticated designs can't be found.

Now that she has seen you I simply won't be allowed a minute’s peace until I do I find out how you managed to do it for yourself. In the shoes! Please, let me in on where you find a dress of shoes.

Hi Mom,

Flattery will get you everywhere. Anyone who complements my wardrobe wins points for good taste! I work my tiny "buns" off trying to find clothes that I like the looks of. I am here to tell you "it ain't easy," but is not impossible to buy off of the rack. It entails keeping a constant eye out for any piece of clothing or accessory that might strike your fancy and then doing a great deal of improvisation.

The wardrobe you saw me displaying is the fruit of years of tender cultivation and weeding. The old hunt and peck method is the only way to reap that reward.

I drove my own poor mother insane whining over the awful clothes I was forced to wear due to my small frame. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are the bane of my existence. It is impossible to be alluring with a rodent all over your fancy panties and “jammies!” (How embarrassing!)

On my eighth grade class trip "she" made me wear those ruffled ankle socks and rubber-toed sneakers with my sundress. I didn't want want to look cute! I want to look womanly like the other girls. Bare-legged in their culottes and sandals.

It is much easier today to shop for fashionable clothing in small sizes than it was for my mother and her “fusspot" back in 1969. Today the trend is to dress the little tykes in "little grownup styles." Sportswear can be gotten just about anywhere.

The dungaree revolution was a godsend for me while it lasted. However the designers have taken us back to hassling over matched sets. T-shirts and jeans no longer go everywhere.

I recommend meant going to the better specialty stores dealing in children's apparel for a really fine fit. You'll pay more, but the styles and extended life of quality goods, along with the personal satisfaction and in the end result, make it well worth it. I stick to classic cuts for the peasant look for the timelessness of the two styles that can guarantee me years of wear.

If it can't be found in the girls department checked to the boys department. Men’s tailored shirts are great looking and with the right belt and other accessories can look as feminine, grown-up or dressy as desired. That is also the best place to pick up a nice blazer or jacket without any silly appliqués on it.

My entire wardrobe is interchangeable and can be dressed up or down to go with jeans, dress slacks or skirts.

Formalwear is impossible to purchase. For special events requiring a spectacular outfit, I have to have it made up to my specifications. Shoes? Forget it! Search under rocks and bushes. Steal them! I don't know, but whenever you see a pair, grab them and don't be talked out of the it! You’ll regret every time you are.

Brand the words – "Clearance"– "Sale" – "Reduction" into your mind in order to beat the expensive price tags. Scan those racks for the bargains on quality items. If you hit the jackpot, get one in every color available. It doesn't happen very often so get it while it's there! Good luck and happy hunting!

Milford Polished-Marble
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