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Handicapped cat through bad luck

Meg Casey
October 19, 1983

O.K. Readers, here's one for you:

Isn't there anyone in this world who would want to adopt a handicapped cat?

Several weeks ago a little black cat with a severe limp was found making its way up my driveway. (Naturally!) A new neighbor of mine was on her way home from work and became curious about the animal as she watched it enter the courtyard between our two houses.

Upon closer observation she saw that it had been literally dragging it's hind leg and was in pain. Apparently, the cat had been struck by a motor vehicle sustained a broken hind leg. It then dragged itself off somewhere. We are uncertain how long it had been between the time of the injury and time it wandered into our yard, but there may have been a few days lapse.

Although it is not been seen by a vet the neighbor who found the cat is an L.P.N. and wrapped the leg as best she could and has been taking care of it until someone claims it or we can find in new home. No one in the area seems know that cat or its history.

The cat itself doesn't seem inclined to remember either, but the marked difference between the bony creature that first arrived and the mewing patient on my doorstep every morning could be a clue someone has been feeding this little beast, and he likes around here.

Don't bother saying “Where else would a handicapped go? It reads your column," because that is all I've been getting and I don't want to hear. The cat has got to go! I have a reaction to cats (called Keep’ematadistance). My neighbor can't keep it so – we are rapidly running out of pleasant alternatives as time flies.

Unfortunately, It is getting much cooler at night and the winds off the beach will compound the coldness of the temperature too much for the cat to be kept outside much longer.

Wouldn’t you love a cute little handicapped black kitty cat? The limp may go away once the leg heals. If so, If so, call me at the M.I.D.P. office at the Devon Neighborhood Center, 783-3204. Please ( … or else … the first one who says "Trick-or-treat" to me gets it!)

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