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Meg Casey
December 27 1983

I do hope that my efforts with this column have done some a good somewhere for somebody. If one person has been helped to see more clearly the hidden potential that every individual has inside themselves to achieve success or even more simplistically - to be a friend - then I have accomplished a great deal.

I've certainly enjoyed writing this weekly column tremendously. I too have learned from the experience. The main people who the many people who have shared their difficulties with us and entrusted me to research the answers to their questions have helped me to grow personally through a greater understanding of other’s situations in life.

Your thoughts about national syndication for this column I must confess have been included in a few of my own dreams for the future. Taking one step at a time I'll have to find the proper way to get proper way to go about such a proposition. (All suggestions gratefully accepted!)

As far as whether or not I am going to write a book OK I don't know, perhaps. An endeavor of this nature has been suggested repeatedly to me by doctors and parents and others who have either read or heard of me over the last few years. At the moment tackling such a monumental toll task seems a bit intimidating. I haven't figured what angle I would begin on nor am I quite sure what information people are looking for from me that would fill a book! (All suggestions gratefully accepted here too!)

I sincerely hope that everyone will continue to write or contact me with any questions they need answers to. I fully intend to continue doing the work I have been at in this column because I really enjoy this sort of personal contact.

Whatever my future holds know that I wish the best for you and yours.

It is the hope of the editor of this site that Meg's wish that her words be shared with the rest of the world through syndication are being fullfilled 30 years later by making them available to the public. Other avenues are being investigated for use of the column.

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