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Assertiveness is an art form to perfect

Meg Casey
January 31, 1984

Dear Readers,

The common factor in these situations should be obvious and I had hoped that putting them together made it even more obvious. Each of these people are being victimized by typecasting and the preconceived ideas that society has fostered for centuries of what all people who fall into these typecasted roles are like and how "these kinds” of people are supposed to act.

Of course life would be simply hunky-dory if everyone would just go about treating other individuals exactly as they would like to be dealt with themselves if the positions were reversed. However, this isn't the land of OZ so I don't suggest waiting for a wizard to pull an instant remedy out of his bag of tricks.

The solution to each person’s problem must come up from within themselves and the strength of their desire to change things around them. It is perfectly alright to get angry, but don't stay that way.

Yes, I know exactly how maddening each of these treatments are because I have had to deal with each of them at one time or another. I can hear my mother's words echoing in my memory "Margaret May, you've got a mouth USE IT! if you don't like something - say so!"

I was told that a little body doesn't make a "little person" on the other hand a big mouth doesn't make a little person any bigger or smarter necessarily.

One must learn to be assertive for oneself for one’s own respect and preservation. Assertiveness is really an art form to perfect, becoming either in obnoxious old crank or the picture of popularity earning social respect.

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