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Recreation For The Handicapped

Handicapped Accessible Businesses

April 27 1983

Hello Readers,

We'll spotlight what to look for in an establishment offering some of the finest in ACCESSIBLE dining and entertainment.

Note if there are parking spaces for the handicapped and the doors easy to open. Consider whether they have a bathroom facility that you can actually get IN to use (always having to check a place out before settling in for an evening of fun).

Comfortable and roomy seating that is fully accessible. Every door in the place is light touch for anyone. The ramping is good.

U.F.O. (Unexpected Fun Outing)

June 29 1983

Dear Readers:

This week's column brings you the low-down on the latest U.F.O. accounting by a disabled person in the Hartford area.

The U.F.O. occurred as we drove towards New Haven on I-95 and caught up with a storm.

The blinding downpour forced us to pull off the highway and sit it out somewhere safe. Concentrating on dodging the raindrops when we ran from the car we didn't notice the little warning signals but I as soon as we opened the door it hit us like a bolt of lighting. An Unexpected Fun Outing!

This was the perfect place for a good time for all. Everyone was friendly and laughing; the food was delicious, drinks were good. The decor was fun and tasteful – all at same time. There was plenty of room for dancing with live entertainment and the building is entirely accessible!

My ride and I had such an Unexpected Fun Outing that neither of us knows exactly how long the rain had been stopped.

I don't relish the thought of being stranded in Hartford again like that but I was most certainly recommend stopping in a accommodating place rain or shine.

Theatre Access For The Disabled

December 12 1984

Dear Readers,

The Theater Development Fund (TDF) has been developing new audiences for the performing arts in New York for the past 13 years, TDP Theatre Action Project works toward the full assimilation of the disabled into the regular audiences of the performing arts.

TAP offers services specifically designed for the hearing, visually, and physically impaired in conjunction with the sale of tickets to a select number of theater, music and dance events on and off Broadway.

This services include the following:

Tickets from TAP can range from full price to less than half price, depending on the show. Each show offering entitles the individual purchaser to order tickets for himself and his guests.

Now go and have fun!

Disabled Broadway Play

January 23 1985

Hello Readers,

A new show is on Broadway in which the star devotes an entire portion of the show to dating, love and the disabled person. Is it a performance displaying incredible insight and sensitivity to her character's innermost feelings about herself, her body, and life as a person with a disability. Whoopi Goldberg reaches out to a level of understanding with her audience and, as was my case, into their hearts in her portrayal of a young disabled woman of today.

Somewhere I'm quite convinced that this bright and rising young comedian has met and dealt very clearly – personally – with the sensitive issues of the disabled person's world.

To my amazement in how well she was able to hit secret, deep, and dark recesses that we each held privately inside, and never actually admit to anyone. Sometimes not even to ourselves. How could someone know in a person's heart and confidence, unless they had truly been there themselves?

Whoopi's character's face flashed all of the emotions at once when asked if she would marry him. Nobody would ever want somebody twisted up like this." Of course, the good guy within us all ever because he convinces her that he loves her madly and she is absolutely convinced he truly does.

It is a very funny show. Go see it.

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