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Handicapped Services

Blind Scholarships

April 17 1985

Hello Readers,

The National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut, Inc. has sent out a listing of the financial scholarships which are sponsored by the organization for next year.

• CRITERIA – Federation scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, service to the community and financial need. All applicants must be legally blind and from Connecticut or studying in Connecticut.

• MEMBERSHIP – The National Federation of the Blind is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all blind persons. To further this goal, the scholarship program was established. Recipients of Federation scholarships must not be members of the National Federation of the Blind.

• FINALISTS: The Scholarship Committee will review all allocations and select the winners. Musical Performance and Scholarship awards will be presented at the banquet. All winners must be present at the banquet to accept their award.

The high cost of completing one's chosen course for the future are often times too great of an expense for the individual to cover on his or her own. Such opportunities for financial assistance as the National Federation of the Blind of Connecticut offer should be taken advantage of by every eligible person airing to his or her own goals. "…each of us make up the future … You can make a difference … If you try."

Library For The Blind

December 5 1984

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Rocky Hill offers a "Talking Book Program." Any person eligible for the program who cannot read or use ordinary printed books and magazines because of physical limitations. Such limitation could be impaired vision or inability to hold materials steadily enough to read, etc.

Eligibility must be certified by a competent authority, not a relative. Any member of the medical profession, professional person in the field of public health, education, library services, rehabilitation, social work, and public welfare are considered to be competent authority.

Upon receipt of the completed application introductory material on Talking Books and other library services will be at sent right away to an interested individual.

The Spirit Of Giving And Caring

May 2 1985

Hello Readers,

These words printed on the front jacket of a popular magazine seemed to jump out at me. … "Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do" taken from the book of the same title.

I like his message for him much. It has punch! With that gutsy determination working on the inside of an individual and little bit of help and encouragement from friends and friendly sources working with the the outside we can all muddle through to where we want to go.

In the spirit of getting and giving "help from a friend," several requests were printed in hopes of helping disabled individuals connect with a car pool to and from work.

The citywide Spring trash pick-up is underway. Some people are digging out while others are digging in! There are those who are catching treasures at the curbside as fast as people are pitching it out!

I hope you're taking advantage of the City Volunteer Corps' offer to help clean and cart away. If not you still have time to sign up, but hurry!

Spring Clean Help

April 18 1984, April 3 1985

Dear Readers,

Are you ready for spring yet? I don't know about the rest of you folks but I say "enough already with the April showers!" I am more than ready for some fun in the sun myself and the expressions on the faces of the "prune people" around me. I'm not the only one in town feeling waterlogged.

At this point there are only two positive aspects in all these rains that I can think of. Other than being reputed to "bring May flowers," they have also given us ample opportunity to attack the ferocious messes hidden behind every closet door and to dig the house out from under all the excess junk in the attic, basement and garage which always seems to have miraculously been reproducing in the dark throughout the long cold winter nights. "Where did that come from?" "Who'll own up to this one?" "What the heck is that thing?"

Of course we'll all be finished with the awful job in plenty of time for the spring pick-up by the city maintenance crews within the next couple of weeks … Right! Or is help needed to cart trash to the curb!

Any disabled or elderly individuals who would like assistance in preparing their property for the spring cleaning and pick-up by the city truck, need only to call. Lists of volunteers willing to do work have been compiled and are ready to be put to good use.

By all means take advantage of this service; and watch the newspaper for the specific pick up day scheduled for your neighborhood.

The Mayor's Volunteers for Milford are once again offering their services to the disabled and elderly to clear out their old junk for the annual Spring Pick-Up by the city.

Signing up for the Volunteer's help in cleaning out storage and-or hauling unwanted junk to curbside must be made early, so hurry!

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