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wi-fi reception in old cemetery

about the Memorable Milford History webmaster

historic website design

This website started off to showcase my detail oriented approach towards website design created to fit in with the history oriented group that it was originally created for.

There are no modern looking shiny buttons with fancy navigation effects but this incorporates a custom background image of an old stone wall. More features will be added once this transitions to a custom template that makes it much easier for a client to update their site themselves without needing to know the technical details. The length of the scroll on the left adjusts to accommodate the number of page links added. A carved and polished piece of marble in the shape of Milford came from an old Milford quarry. The first letter of the articles combined with non-standard old fashioned fonts make this resemble an old hand-illustrated book. The title at the top replicates the wooden plaques on wooden clapboards identifying the historic homes in Milford.

Numerous solutions were accomplished in the original creation of this site including regaining control of a website after previous webmasters didn't leave the passwords. This website had to be unscrambled from its original formatting and design dating from 2002 for editing and be free to use at our own web address. As features are added, more examples related to how they solved problems will be discussed. A client should be able to focus on running their business and the webmaster keeps up to date on the latest techniques and challenges related to being online today. The many different complex aspects to consider about a website such as how looks, functionality, reaching the public, legal issues, a consistent message and online security are intertwined. Social media such as Twitter or Facebook are separate topics that can be utilized to bring attention to people not familiar with a client.

To best address concerns it is best to have a collaborative endeavor with the client providing the necessary information about their company or organization along with the access to the technical tools so the webmaster can get positive results. The technical code and software used to create the site are open source meaning they are not exclusive to the website hosting service to make moving a site easier if needed.

Photography Funny Business

Milford Marble buckle
Milford marble belt buckle
Copyrights for all images have been cleared for use on this site. Most are by the author of this site augmented with public domain and anonymous contributions by others. The main photograph above illustrates balancing the conflicting ideas that were considered in presenting this website design with modern capabilities but still maintaining a look that feels appropriate for a history based website. It shows 2 dozen wi-fi signals detected in the middle of the Old Milford cemetery.

I've operated an $80,000.00 Ikegami camera fitted with high quality anti-reflective lenses designed to avoid picking up stray light that are sometimes misidentified by non cameramen unaware of the cause. One possible source of interferance are electronic displays on TVs and wireless devices which tend to have a blue tint in photographs. This can be observed by noting that from outside a house, a TV in a darkened room will cast a blue light in the window. Double exposures from older film cameras or using image editing software.

Unusual lighting, coloring or camera angles for photos can influence us. Low light results in grainy black and white images which imparts a mysterious mood to what we are seeing. A tilted photo gives the impression that something is not right. An extreme example of this effect was used to denote the bad guy in the Batman TV show. Each criminal was lit with a different color scheme such as green or magenta for added effect.

Research Methodology

All writers have a viewpoint or lack of awareness on a topic based upon their experiences or lack of familiarity that may influence how they frame a story. There are about 17 historical groups in and around Milford. That includes informal groups like geneology and others that either meet infrequently or are only online serving only to educate. Any family, neighborhood, state, nation or group is bound to have differences but it all comes back as we are all one big family. We seek to serve what is common among the supporters and those interested in the Milford Historic community. We are independent of any organization. We love to share what we have discovered ourselves about Milford including interviewing those that contributed to recent history. We attempted to put stories in perspective relative to their era rather than an absolute judgement by today's standards. To lessen this author's own bias, multiple sources are utilized for a fuller picture of each story.

An early stage of my varied background was volunteering at an Ivy league college's radio station as the Training Director responsible for teaching students to fact check news stories before airing them. 2 decades at a nationally respected entertainment venue put the author in contact with thousands of professionals and observe how the successful ones acted.

Subjects are presented along with fact-checked anecdotes from as close to the original sources and events as possible. This provides historical context so they are better judged by their times instead of being filtered by today's viewpoints. Waiting on writing about recent events provides a fairer historical perspective. Links to websites such as Snopes are provided to assist readers in understanding an idea, provide collaborating evidence or more information. We do not link to non-authoritive websites or blogs to avoid giving them the credibility they crave.

A search box and forums are planned to better serve the historic community in Milford. A few paragraphs are repeated due to some subjects being relevant both to a group of people and the locations where they happened. We plan to eventually reduce duplication as this site is expanded and further organized.

publicity accomplishments

Several additional projects were undertaken simultaneously by the webmaster when the design of this website was originally assembled. One accomplishment made in observance of the 375th anniversary of Milford’s founding was the publication of a 2014 calendar with contemporary scenes of Milford. Dates corresponding to moments in the town’s history were highlighted. Dan Ortoleva spearheaded, photographed, designed and compiled historic dates from Milford to complete the calendar getting the project completed under a tight deadline. It was made possible with the sponsorship of Milford Photo and sold out quickly at The Canvas Patch.

sandwich sign
sandwich sign
twig and turf
twig and turf
bright yellow paper faux book
yellow paper distracts in photos - faux leather book

A sandwich sign was modified to make it easier to change posters printed on regular paper instead of on plastic panels to promote upcoming events. The basic stand had a permanent painted sign to be used as a generic promotion for the organization when not covered by the poster frames. Small panels could be clipped to the top as decorative pieces or to update when an event is happening such as "This Weekend". Further savings resulted from the clear panels cutting down on the need to laminate the posters for rain protection. Permits were secured from the city to set up at high visibility locations about 2 dozen signs throughout the year. An art template allowed to quickly create posters by changing the title and custom graphics for each upcoming event while retaining the event sponsor's contact info the same.

Numerous visual accessories were constructed to maintain the illusion of colonial times when being photographed while in costume. A twig and turf prop that wouldn't fall apart or get the re-enactors hands dirty like a real piece of sod contains pieces of genuine Milford marble. Also built were a fake lock on a pillory and a faux leather covered book to hide reading material in re-enactments so they blend in better.

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